Six Things You Should Know About Fast and the Furious 6

Spoiler Alert!!!!! If you haven’t seen the movie Do Not Read This…but for those of you who have don’t forget to leave a comment I would love to get your thoughts.

1. Paul Walker is still sexy! Since “The Fast and the Furious” was released in 2001 I’ve had the biggest crush on this blond hair blue eyes white boy.


2. Ludacris and Tyrese banter like brothers which gives the movie a comedic angle to go along with all the action.


3. The villain of the movie is sexy too. Luke Evans who plays Owen Shaw got my attention as soon as he stepped in front of the camera. Too bad Vin Diesel had to take him down towards the end.


4. Vin Diesel is a super hero! In the movie his character, Dom, catches Letty, Michelle Rodriguez’s character, mid air and lands on a car. If that’s not a super hero I don’t know what is.


5. London must have the longest plane runways ever. You’ll understand when you see the movie.


6. There will be a #7. There is one last scene after the credits start to roll which involves Jason Statham. 




Make sure you do go see the movie. It’s great!


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