Blind Date: Part 1

This is a short story I have been working on. Enjoy!

As he walks into the quiet room the air suddenly shifts. His presence alone commands so much attention, even the elements take notice. He wore a navy suit with white pen stripes that ran down his 6’5” perfectly sculpted body. His skin as sweet as caramel and as bright as gold. His presence alone so much to encompass, yet ravishing. His eyes as dark as the deepest sea and he was staring directly at me. All I could think of was: Why is he coming over here? What could he possibly want? Did I put on deodorant this morning? All very important questions as this mystery man continues to come closer. As he takes his last steps towards me, his full lips slowly part as he speaks his first words since I laid eyes on him.

Good Afternoon” he says. 

It takes me about a second to respond, but it feels like eternity. “Hi, how may I help you?” manages to seep through my barely parted lips.

“I’m looking for Anna?” he says.

Me! Why would he be looking for me? The flood gates of my memory open and I suddenly remember that I agreed to go on a blind date two weeks ago that my pushy friend Stacey was supposed to set up. I never expected her to send him here. I really wasn’t prepared for this.

To be continued….


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