Day 46: My Life is….

My Week

It’s been 3 weeks since I started my career and I already started my grown up routine. I wake up at 6:15, shower, pack my lunch and then drive to work. I work for 8 hours come home, rest for 2 hours then I go to the gym around 7:30 or 8. I started to workout again because I was listening to the radio and the DJ mentioned people who eat lunch at their desk are more likely to gain weight and I do that everyday. So I got my wake up call to bring the sexy back.

My Job

I am very grateful for my job because of the many things I’m learning about online marketing. I’m soaking up this information like a sponge, so that I can be better equip in my field. They definitely don’t teach this stuff in school which is a crying shame because of all the money I spent at that place.

My Love Life

The weekend is the only time I could possibly meet this “Mr” Right because there’s no prospects at the office. So this weekend I hope I actually do something social so I can meet new people because I need to get out of this routine.

So what are you doing this weekend?


Day 31: I’m an adult…well sort of…

Tomorrow is my big day and I’m so nervous. My first post graduation job at HVH Consulting.  A new chapter in my life is beginning and I am exciting to see how far I can go in my career. I guess I just have to get my personal and spiritual life in order. At least I have some sort of spiritual life and relationship with God because my personal life is non-existent. Okay back to the topic at hand, I’m an adult and I can finally get business cards with my name and professional title…

Search Engine Marketing  Specialist


I’m one step closer to my dream job as Marketing Director at People Magazine.


And my dream guy…

Michael Ealy